WET Productions Inc.
Based in Las Vegas, Nevada

Founding date:
November 1, 2003


Press / Business contact:


My Virtual Girlfriend Ar

11829 Alava Ave
Las Vegas, NV, 89138
United States of America



Wet Productions is an indie game studio focused on creating unique games for mobile. Our flagship series of games are the "My Virtual" dating simulation games.


Early history

Wet Productions was founded in 2003 by veteran game developers Michael Amerson and William Mallouk who were two strangers that came together with the idea to create independent games together, remotely, and in their spare time. They formed their partnership online, and worked across continents to create their own game engine and demo a semi-controversial all female fighting game titled "Girlfight", which they pitched to publishers with the intent to get funding for the development of the game for playstation2 and xbox. They worked in their spare time while holding down full time jobs at other game studios. After several failed attempts of getting funding from publishers and a few years later, their enthusiasm had died down considerably as it seemed they had ran into a brick wall. The developement of the game was on hold due to careers becoming more demanding and lack of funding. Just as this was happening in around 2008, the iphone was released and became very popular quickly. The developer program was attractive to indie developers due to low barrier to entry to self publish their own titles. Mike and William decided to start the project back up with the intent to self publish games on iphone through WET Productions. They re-wrote the design doc for a scaled down version of the game for mobile and they were into their second month of production before hitting another brick wall, when they learned that Apple would not allow for mature or even slightly controversial content on their platform and had purged over 5000 apps from the app store. So In 2009, Mike and William went back to the drawing board. Mike discovered an app called "Igirl" which didn't get cut from the purge, and was bascially a 3d female character that the camera would rotate around and it was picking up a lot of downloads and press, but wasn't very interactive or engaging. Mike thought that he could make something better, more interactive and fun. That became the inspiration for what later become WET Productions's first title - My Virtual Girlfriend. So they went at it full swing, working feverishly to develop this game in their spare time and self publish on apple, remaining careful not to violate any rules from Apple regarding content. In May of 2010, My Virtual Girlfriend 1.0 was released and was met with only mild curiosity. The small indie team of two continued to improve and update the game through the course of the year. In November of 2010, upon the 4th update of the game, Comedian George Lopez had joked about it during his monologue for a solid minute on his tv show - Lopez Tonight! Soon after, it had caught the attention of other popular media such as MSNBC, Kotaku and Discover, and continues to be a favorite subject matter among the media, as Virtual dating simulators are not very common and somewhat controversial, and at the very least it sparks curiousity in everyone that hears about it.

After that

The game went on to spawn off other variants such as "My virtual Boyfriend" for women, and "My Virtual Gay Boyfriend" for gay males. To date, the series has cumuliatvely been downloaded over 10 million times and still continues to be downloaded by millions of fans per year. The success of My Virtual Girlfriend allowed the team to move on from working full time at other studios to working full time for themselves. in 2011, 8 years after the start of their partnership, Mike and William Met each other in person for the first time ever, at the game developers conference in San Fransisco, and have never seen each other in person again to date, as William lives and works out of the UK, and Mike lives and works out of the US. In 2018 WET Productions brought in software engineer and AR specialist Kristof Giber, and Introduces their latest creation - My Virtual Girlfriend AR





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Awards & Recognition

    Selected Articles

    My Virtual Girlfriend AR Website
    My Virtual Girlfriend AR website myvirtualgirlfriendgame.com.

    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Mike Amerson
    Creative Director, Art, Design

    William Mallouk
    Technical director

    Angelina Amerson
    Voice Overs / Marketing

    Kristof Giber
    Software Engineer / Arkit implementation

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